Vladimir Voitenko

Vladimir Voitenko

Киновед, режиссер, издатель. Основатель и главный редактор журнала «Сеанс», составитель семитомной энциклопедии «Новейшая история отечественного кино. 1986-2000». Президент фонда «Выход в Петербурге», создатель Центра обучения, социальной абилитации и творчества для людей с аутизмом «Антон тут рядом». Руководитель проекта «Чапаев».

They say that this film has four titles, except for the Severe Young Man, it is also was called the Household Commissioner, Fairytale Komsomolets and Diskobol. The philosophical and romantic drama of Abram Room based on a piece by Yuri Olesha could have really had any of the titles. After all, it represents a kind of sadness, an attempt to bring a new person of the Communist society - with all of the contradictory unity of human nature, carnal sin and desire for spiritual absolute and external perfection - to the screen.

Rumor has it that once Oleksandr Dovzhenko said about Sergei Eisenstein, "If I was that clever, I would have died". He, perhaps, never said that though...

After seeing P. K. P. in Odesa, Oleksandr Dovzhenko decides to become a film director.

Natalia Uzhviy had her first role - of a Polish spy Glia Dombrovska - in this film.  She will later meet Mykhayl Semenko, who she will soon marry. Semenko, poet and panfuturism, or Ukrainian futurism, theorist, was the chief editor of the VUFKU First film factory in Odesa in 1924-1927, a studio behind P.K.P..